For over 20 years, GRP has experienced incoductiong Various Field surveys and marketing research for many sectors in Indonesia. GRP built since 1994 and gives us an Excellent Service with Various Technique of reasearch.
Strong Field Research Experience In 80 Regions All Over Indonesia. GRP is capable of doing survey on field with expertise interviewer and thousands of retail store and respondents.
Brand Tracking Is One Of The Superiority Of GRP'S Value. GRP has experienced of store, retail and consumer tracking in large numbers. With 80 regions connections all over Indonesia, GRP Conduct Large Scale Of Survey And Provide Census Also For Client's Data.
GRP is supported with programmers expert who create Innovation Tools. GRP has the Integrated System to simplify the complexity of research, easy-to-use for user with advanced technology.
Loyalty is the ultimate goal a company sets for the service. GRP provide Excellent Service And Experience for the client. For 22 years, GRP generate 11 Loyal Clients Who Continue Using Our Service Repeatedly.
"Coming together is a beginning keeping together is progress working together is success. "
- Henry Ford -