3 Pilars of GRP

The company has been build and developed on the bases of 3 strong pillars. The three pillars are the sturdy structure for the company which deliver company sustainability and loyal customer. A well manage financial cash flow of the company play an important role to create A/R as a Competitive Advantage in the market. Three strong pillars GRP :

  • 1. Field work infrastructure : GRP strong in field research experience. Filed based stations have been well developed from 10 citiesto becaome 74 cities, which empowered more than 300 permanent employees.
  • 2. Research technique : GRP is a full service marketing research company with experience in quantitative and qualitative research. Our mission is to helping the leading corporation to create and sustain their customers satisfaction through an effective market research fieldwork.
  • 3. IT Infrastructure : We have any innovations and unique tools to help us uncover insight that inform your decision making. We create the program to simplify and analysis big data. Supported by our tools, we tailor solutions to help you drive growth for your business.