1. Radio Audience Measurement

In 1994, Organization of Radio Broadcast of Indonesia was unhappy with existing method of radio audience measurement. GRP came to introduce a diary method for radio audience measurement. The technique was highly acceptable.

2. Efficient Design for Cencory Test

In 1994, Smartindo Bluebird Snack wanted to find efficient design of experiment for sensory test. GRP has implemented a fractional factorial design to replace round robin. The client was very happy.

3. Price Elasticity of IDD Tarif In Indonesia

In 1994, Indosat aimed to analyze price elasticity of IDD tariff, while there were no price change in IDD due to monopolistic market for 10 years. GRP proposed to implement Conjoint Analysis to answer the problem. It was successfully accepted and the board of directors were happy with the result.

4. Market Potential for VSAT Business

In 2000, Indosat required evidences to evaluate their VSAT business, when the internet era has entered Indonesian Market. GRP has proven a unique approach to answer the problem, and it become a regular method to evaluate Market Size of Multimedia Internet and Data Interchange in Indonesia.

5. Wireless Market Tracking

In 2007, GRP was challenged by Indosat to Market Tracking with efficient budget. GRP introduced a unique integrated design for Indosat's need. The project now has been run for 5 years and will be extended.

6. Choice Base Segmentation

In 2012, GRP was asked to develop SME segmentation based on their preference toward various mobile services. The team has developed a new approach which use of Choice Base Conjoint experiment and estimation of individual choice preference to create the segment. T he method enable to develop suitable product for each segment effectively.

7. Business Confidence Survey

Danareksa Institute's (DRI) Indonesian Business Sentiment Survey includes more than 700 chief executives or directors representing a wide variety of leading companies in various sectors such as construction, agriculture, finance, transportation & communication, manufacturing, hotel & restaurant services, and others (mining). Survey respondents were selected using a statistical method to represent the chief executives in Indonesia from various sectors.

8. Consumer Price Monitoring Survey (Bank of Indonesia)

The survey is conducted weekly to monitor retail price in tradional and modern market within certain defined time period. The GRP has been appointed by the BI to cover Greater Jakarta area from 2010-2012 and extended with additional area (Nusa Tenggara Timur) started from 2013.