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Who We are?

PT. Grup Riset Potensial (GRP) is an independent marketing research consultant established in 1994. For 25 years, GRP has experienced in conducting various field surveys and marketing research for many sectors in Indonesia. Currently GRP's head quarter located in Jakarta and operates 61 field base station spread over Indonesia.
GRP has been growing very fast in the last 5 years, with composite revenue growth 42% per year, annual profit growth 28% per year and ROA 20%. Field based stations have been well developed from 10 cities to become 61 cities, which empowered more than 300 permanent employees.

Why GRP?

Streamlining research process is one of our strength. Only by using technology, we can reduce the length of the research process, no usage of paper, less usage of paperworks and transparent research process that can be seen by clients. GRP then puts Information Technology as our main tools and becomes one of major parts of company's operation. 

Along with IT, GRP integrate other points. These points that we have had became our strong pillars which leverage the main competitive ad...

Coverage area

GRP has more than 60 teams spreading all over Indonesia. They stay in each area, from big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar to small cities/rural area like Tuban, Singaraja, Bukittinggi. Each team is led by a Team Leader with a minimum of 3 to tens of interviewers in each area.

Coverage area of GRP : Banda Aceh, Greater Medan (incl. Binjai, Tebing Tinggi, Pematang Siantar, Kisaran), Pekanbaru, Padang, Bukittinggi, Solok, Jambi, Bengkulu, Greater Palembang (incl. Prabumulih and Muara Enim), Lampung (in...


Research Methodology

GRP offers many methods of survey so that clients can choose the most appropriate method for them. The techniques varies from face-to-face interview to mobile survey.

Some of them are : Pre and Post Advertising Test, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Channel Distribution Analysis, Market Competition Analysis, Product Development, Demand Forecasting, Sensory Test, Usage and Attitude Survey, Market Segmentation, Mystery Shoppers, Image Study, Media Audience Measurement, Business Confidence Survey, Conjoint Analys...


Many clients want to understand the trend of their performance in the market within certain period of time. Tracking Survey is conducted to answer the need of clients. The panels/respondents will be visited once or twice a month depends on the needs of the data. To refresh the panels, in every 3 months we discard some of them and change with the new ones.

With this method, clients can understand the trend of their performance in the market. To get them better understanding, GRP provides a dashboard so that they can see the...


The competition of performance at the channel distributions of a company is highly needed. The company needs to know how well is their appearence compared to the competitors, how the POS materials are distributed to the frontliners, which area is needed to be penetrated etc. Thus, GRP develop Galatic (Geographical Landscape Analytics), a web-based reporting integrated system. 

This dashboard provide Analytical system for Retail Tracking which providing products penetration mapping in retail outlets. In this dashboard,...


Mosaic Survey

Mosaic is an integrated system of mobile survey application for various survey method such as face to face interview, field observation, consumer travel pattern, consumer/panel tracking, mobile consumer panels, as well as web/online survey.

The system provide complete facilities of response types, which commonly use in various survey, response control and response validation....


Meet Our Team

Satrio Wiseno


Former lecturer of Statisics Dept. at IPB, Satrio Wiseno continues his study of Master of Philophy at University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England and Magister Management Strategic class at Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Jakarta. 

He later joined MARS Marketing Research in Jakarta. The experience helps him to run GRP from 1994 until now.

He brings a strong corporate character on problem solving method by combining quantitative and qualitative approaches. One of his best skill is to create a model of a data series so he can "predict" the trend of the data in the future.



Operational Director

Niken Naila

Client Relations

Farit Afendi

Research Manager

DM Langi

Data Processing



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Tidak perlu menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk meningkatkan karir karena memang banyak cara sederhana yang bisa dilakukan. Cara sederhana tersebut biasanya berasal dari kesadaran diri masing-masing men...

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News & Event

Webinar - Membedah Validitas Online Survey

Dokumentasi Webinar - Membedah Validitas Online Survey 12 Mei 2020, diselenggarakan oleh Grup Riset Potensial melalui Google Meet