Why GRP?

Streamlining research process is one of our strength. Only by using technology, we can reduce the length of the research process, no usage of paper, less usage of paperworks and transparent research process that can be seen by clients. GRP then puts Information Technology as our main tools and becomes one of major parts of company's operation. 

Along with IT, GRP integrate other points. These points that we have had became our strong pillars which leverage the main competitive advantages of the company.

  • Nation wide Field Infrastructure. GRP has more than 60 teams spreading all over Indonesia, from big cities to small ones. These teams are ready to deliver the most accurate data within stricted timeline. GRP teams are highly experienced in telecommunications research and tracking studies. GRP also has experiences in conducting census and high scale research projects.
  • Up to date Research Techniques. GRP is aware that the most accurate data can only be delivered to clients if we use the most appropriate research technique. To meet the needs, we then develop innovative and customized research designs.  
  • Capabilities in Information Technology.  

These pillars must be supported by Financial-based so that we can develop the business and methodology.