2019-09-05 14:26:21


The competition of performance at the channel distributions of a company is highly needed. The company needs to know how well is their appearence compared to the competitors, how the POS materials are distributed to the frontliners, which area is needed to be penetrated etc. Thus, GRP develop Galatic (Geographical Landscape Analytics), a web-based reporting integrated system. 

This dashboard provide Analytical system for Retail Tracking which providing products penetration mapping in retail outlets. In this dashboard, the company can see their performance nationally or even in certain area. It will help the company to make a better decision.


Research Methodology
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GRP offers many methods of survey so that clients can choose the most appropriate method for them. The techniques varies from face-to-face interview to mobile survey.

Some of the... Read More

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Many clients want to understand the trend of their performance in the market within certain period of time. Tracking Survey is conducted to answer the need of clients. The panels/respondents will be visited once or ... Read More